My Internal Thoughts

I sometimes can have the most challenging, bitter thoughts. Internal thoughts that surround me and I cannot wait to put in words, and share with the world. And so begins my segment of internal thoughts.

First of all, I’d love to ask every human being what empowers them today. What empowers the “freaky” people, our what empowers the “popular” people? What empowers the kids in the class who actually talk back to the teachers? What empowers me, today? What empowers you?

The least I can say about this is that I was born. And you were too. And that makes us the same and different in so many ways. And maybe we weren’t empowered by anything. Maybe we just chose to be. And I’m saying this because even though I was born, just like you, you will never be me and I will never be you. Sure they might laugh. Sure, they might turn you into the “freak” or the “popular” one. But always remember that you can choose to be. You can turn your world around and flip it over 10 times around, but you are always what you CHOSE to be. And if you aren’t, then maybe you need to let go of what you were just inspired by. Stop trying to be like that great guy. Be what you WANT to be because I’m telling you, you will regret everything when you fall down to the ground. Because you wont be able to get up, cause you’ll just be a carbon copy of your inspiration.

Don’t take me wrong, being inspired is a great thing. But if you just do what your “role model” does then what’s going to be left of YOU.

Secondly, who’s your judge? Are you judged? Do you like your judge? Do you feel judged?

We are all here and we are standing, or sitting for whatever matter. We are either surrounded by people or we are alone. We are either hidden or we are shown. It’s suddenly not about me it’s about what THEY will think. I’m fine but what will they say. We worry that our fears will be shown. We worry who’s watching us. Whether it be the most hated person in your life or just someone you want to impress, we have always been judged. Sometimes misjudged. It’s like those serpent eyes watching your every move, and it might seem okay. It might seem like things are going fine but then we remember our judge. We remember the feeling of being judged and then it’s all about not so fine. They call it “peer pressure” but for me it’s the single act of being judged. Pressure, right? No, it’s more than that when it comes to judging. When it comes to judging, suddenly it’s like we are holding the weight of the sky. The least one can do is stop judging, because not all of us are meant to be lawyers. We all don’t have the studies to make decisions. And as soon a those serpent eyes look down, we’ll be fine.

That’s all for today, my readers. I want you to think about this because we have all had these gut feelings once in a while. It takes courage to take a stand against them. And I know that everyone of us is a lion at heart.

~Yusra I.

Subway Cars into Coral Reefs?

For more than a decade, decommissioned New York City subway cars have quietly been shipped out the Atlantic, where they’re dumped into the ocean. It’s part of an environmental effort to build an artificial habitat for coral reefs.

Should this be happening? I do not agree. The weight of the subway car going down into the ocean could kill fish and other plants. And how are these dumpers so sure that coral reefs will grow here? The subway car might pollute the entire ocean. Also, there has to be another way to protect coral reefs than to dump our junk into the ocean. I just think that the dumpers need a good excuse to throw out their junk into a natural habitat, because they don’t want junkyards.

But some people…do not agree with my point of view. “Corals provide habitat to support fisheries that feed millions of people; generate jobs and income to local economies through recreation, tourism, and fisheries; and protect coastlines from storms and erosion … this is an important, sensible next step toward preserving the benefits provided by these species, both now and into the future.” says Jane Lubcheno.

If you take a little look, most of these things are only for people, jobs and tourism. I don’t much about the environment.

What do you think? Should New York subway cars get dumped into the ocean, in “hopes of creating homes for coral reefs”?


Journalism at a Glance: The Charlie Hebdo Attack.

Citizens play a big role in journalism because there are many different views and perspectives of a story. One story might not be true and citizens play a big role in determining what is right and what is wrong.

There is always a cause and an effect to something. The Paris attack was due to extreme satire pictures of an important figure in the Muslim religion. If this had not happened than maybe the attack would not have happened.

Those terrorist figures should not promote Islam, because Islam is against terrorist. The Quran says that a terrorist is not a Muslim. In fact, it says that “If a person kills one man, it is as if he killed all humankind”. Freedom of speech should not be prevented because freedom of speech is important unless it goes too far.

As a journalist I believe that journalism is the freedom of speech: we all are in a fight for peace. 


-> Taking the Path Less Traveled ->

During my 11 years, I have also come across many crossroads. These crossroads I can define as challenging, and I would usually take the path that people had traveled on the most. But sometimes I wonder if the real prize is through the less traveled road, in which you have to get through prickly vines and thorns and thugs, but in the end, a prize so powerful that it heals your cuts. I find this coming to my mind more often than before. How do these crossroads affect my school and social life? What happens if I follow the wrong road?

My personality is my power. It holds me together. I remember coming across a crossroad in Grade 1, which could alter my life forever. I chose to unleash my true personality, but before I was a shy person. Now I wonder, as joking with my friends and being the ‘loud’ one, what would have happened if I had continued to be a small, shy friend for everyone? I definitely wouldn’t have been in the same group of friends. I wouldn’t be an orally good student. Still, I wonder if I went through the less traveled road, what would have happened?

Sometimes, I get asked to do things. I get a load of responsibility pour over me, draining me completely. When I come home, I find myself procrastinating and wanting to do different things. I take the path more traveled, doing the important stuff after. What if I completely focused on one thing? Would my schedule move back?

What do you think? Would you rather take the road less or more traveled? Why?


The Barrier of Poverty

How many times have you come across a barrier that stops you from moving on? For example, a hard question on your math test. Or perhaps, entering the United States. You can’t just sweep right in. It’s the way of life: You need to move something away to get what you want.

But if you are reading this now, you are very lucky. You can afford a device, afford school if you’re at school, afford shelter. Some people have harder barriers than a hard question- mostly because they don’t go to school.

We are talking about the children, families, innocent people that live and grieve in poverty everyday. Forced to search in garbage for most of their food. Take a little example of some of the Natives in Canada, and you’ll know what I mean. Sure, they get money from the government, but if you look at their houses, you’ll see that they too live in a form of poverty.

Poverty really means that you cannot afford to live in luxury. No, not luxury. You can’t afford to even live an ordinary life, go to school, eat a big dinner for Thanksgiving, celebrate holidays with the joy of presents… the list goes on. They could’ve been kicked out of their homes, or they could have lost their jobs, or they could have been born in a poor family. They could have no access to technology. They could have no access to a normal life.

Now, how can we help?

We can’t just make spoken words and post them on YouTube. How does that change our world? A person watching that video will most likely watch the video then move on to another. What we really need to do is TAKE ACTION. Physically. Socially. Do it.

Let me know. What are your thoughts?