Journalism at a Glance: The Charlie Hebdo Attack.

Citizens play a big role in journalism because there are many different views and perspectives of a story. One story might not be true and citizens play a big role in determining what is right and what is wrong.

There is always a cause and an effect to something. The Paris attack was due to extreme satire pictures of an important figure in the Muslim religion. If this had not happened than maybe the attack would not have happened.

Those terrorist figures should not promote Islam, because Islam is against terrorist. The Quran says that a terrorist is not a Muslim. In fact, it says that “If a person kills one man, it is as if he killed all humankind”. Freedom of speech should not be prevented because freedom of speech is important unless it goes too far.

As a journalist I believe that journalism is the freedom of speech: we all are in a fight for peace. 



  1. I completely agree with the charlie hebdo post. If somebody attacks a country we don’t call it a terrorist country. This rule should go for this too.

    • Yes, and sometimes people say “Muslims are terrorists”. Thats wrong because their are many Muslims that are against the terrorism acts that are going on.

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